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Archive for December 2018

Formé Medical Membership, Now ONLINE!

We invite you to learn more about our Medical Membership options and how can you now purchase ONLINE!!! Go to www.formemedicalcenter.com and get a membership TODAY! For you or someone you know who may need one. Our Mission, Your Health

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Reflect And Reset With Maria & Gina Episode 23

With the thought that one day we will no longer be in this life, it is very important to plan this moment in advance; especially if you have a family. Amy Gould, Director of Advanced Planning for Fortis Lux Financial, talks about this important topic.

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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 22

On this episode of Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina, we will discuss the very sensitive topic of sexual preferences. What are the challenges a child faces when they have to confront their parents about their sexuality? What are the challenges parents face when they are confronted with the news that their child is […]

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