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Archive for May 2019

Reflexiones con María – Mayo 20

Hoy en “Reflexiones con María” nuestra invitada especial, Aída Rodríguez de Steps Home Care, nos comparte las mejores alternativas para el cuidado de los padres y abuelos y de las personas que necesitan atención médica y compañía.

Aída también nos hablará sobre las oportunidades de trabajo que tienen para nuestra comunidad.

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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 41

On this episode of “Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina” we celebrate mothers. Being a mother is not only a precious gift but also brings challenges and struggles. Tune in today as we share our stories about motherhood!

There’s no way to be a perfect mother…but a million ways to be a good one. Join us today at 5:00 pm.

At Formé: our Mission, Your Health!

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Reflect And Reset With Maria & Gina Episode 40

As summer approaches and we shed our heavy clothes, hiding those extra winter pounds won’t be so easy. Today on “Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina,” we are joined by our special guest, Jose Gonzalez, who will explain the benefits of the Keto Diet and how it works.

You can click here or call at 6467449617 to get additional information.

At Formé: Our Mission, Your Health!

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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 39

Today on Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina, we welcome our special guest Jennifer Baukol, Co-Founder of Steps Home Care. Listen as she takes us through the levels of service available for our elderly family members, from companionship to skilled nursing services. We all want the best for our parents and loved ones as they age.

Learn how Steps Home Care can help you care of your elderly loved ones.

Click  here for more information about this service.

At Formé: Our Mission, Your Health!

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Reflexiones con María mayo 6

Si estás buscando una dieta que se ajuste a tu estilo de vida y necesidades, hoy en Reflexiones con María, nuestro invitado especial, Jose González, explicará en detalle todo lo relacionado con la dieta Keto, sus beneficios, virtudes, y secretos para llevar una vida saludable.

Haz click en este link para más información:
Tel. 646.744.9617


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