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Learn how to give your feet the care they need!

Did you know that a podiatrist takes care of your leg from below the knee down to your foot? Today on Reflect & Reset with Maria and Gina, our special guest Dr. David Rosenzweig DPM, will be talking about how important it is to take care of your feet, calves and ankles, especially as we […]

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DID YOU KNOW… …You could be at risk of developing diabetes? This disease is the disorder of the body in which the body stops producing enough insulin required to regulate the breakdown of the blood sugar in the human body. Insulin helps in the breakdown of complex sugars into glucose which can be readily absorbed […]

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DID YOU KNOW… …Obesity means having far too much body fat? People with a high volume of body fat can seriously affect their health and quality of life. Listen as Dr. Gary Midelton, Medical Director at Formé Medical Center, explains about Body Mass Index (BMI) and what you can do to lower and reduce your […]

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Mammogram – Breast Cancer Prevention

DID YOU KNOW… …The American Cancer Society recommends that women between the ages of 40 to 44 to have their first mammogram? It is generally advisable for women to get a mammogram by the age of 40, but in the event that they have a first degree relative with breast cancer, it is highly recommended […]

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Measels Outbreak

DID YOU KNOW… … Measles is a highly contagious infectious airborne disease that can be easily spread from person to person. Measles has become rare in the USA in recent years with children usually protected by vaccinations, but there are still an estimated twenty million cases around the world each year. Since it is a […]

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Prostate Cancer Prevencion

DID YOU KNOW… …After skin cancer, PROSTATE CANCER is the most common cancer among men in the United States? Click on the video of Dr. Gary Midelton, Medical Director at Formé Medical Center to learn more. Our Mission, Your Health! Call us at: (914) 723-4900 to have more details about our membership plans

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