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Reflect And Reset With Maria & Gina. Episode 19

In this episode we had a special guest. Michelle Santiago and I spoke about our most recent accomplishments and all we have been working on, in preparation for Formé’s appreciation month.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”. Marcel Proust.

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Reflect And Reset With Maria & Gina. Episode 18

When was your last visit to the dentist? Most of us avoid those necessary trips to the dentist because of excessive cost…But fortunately we have a solution.

Formé Medical Center has teamed up with Touro Dental College, to offer affordable dental treatments. We visited Touro Dental College in Hawthorne NY with the Vice Dean, Dr. Edward Farkas.

Learn about the wonderful resources available to you to ensure your good oral health!

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Reflect and Reset With Maria & Gina. Episode 17

Did you ever imagine that you could name your own price for healthcare?

On this episode of Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina Dr. David Berman, Founder and CEO of Slingshot Health, talks about an innovative new company that lets you name your price for healthcare services.

Formé Medical Center and Slingshot have teamed up to bring you high-quality healthcare that won’t break the bank!

Learn how here!

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Risks of losing your Green Card for Receiving Some Public Benefits

By Lyda Marcela Tyburec, Esq,

The Trump Administration Officials announced on September 22, 2018, a new Executive Order with proposed changes to the definition of public charge as basis for denying admission, green cards and visas applications.

If this rule is implemented it would prevent immigrants from securing lawful permanent residence and would prevent them remaining with their families in the USA simply because they receive some type of health care support, nutrition assistance or other vital services.

When is this change going to be in effect?

The Order at this moment is only a proposal and it requires execution and implementation. It will take some weeks before the proposed Order goes into effect, but the public will have the opportunity to prevent the proposed Order from becoming law by submitting comments once the proposed Order is published in the Federal Register.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed Order seeks to re-define and expand the list of programs that qualify as public charge. Some of the public benefits to be designated in this proposal are federal, state, local, or tribal cash assistance for income maintenance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF),

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid (with limited exceptions for Medicaid benefits paid for an “emergency medical condition,” and for certain disability services related to education), Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps), institutionalization for long-term care at government expense, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance, and Public Housing.

The first three benefits listed above are cash benefits that are covered under current policy.

What to do?

My recommendation is for individuals to get as informed as possible and seek legal advice before receiving public benefits to avoid possible future complications. It is important to understand that the proposed rule does not include some benefits that U.S. children are entitled to receive like prenatal care, WIC, or other health- or food-related benefits.

In addition, the public should be preparing to comment on this proposed Order and be ready to inform the administration that the implementation of this proposed Order will weaken our country by threatening the health and well-being of families around the country.

Lyda Marcela Tyburec, Esq,
Immigration Attorney
Phone: 347 446 4704

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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina. Episode 16

October is breast cancer awareness month, so today we will be sharing information on cancer prevention resources that are available at no cost to the community. We will be joined by Lea Cassarino, the Director of the Cancer Services of the Hudson Valley, who will provide very important information about programs available and how to access them.

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Talking Taboos: Cindy Barshop Wants Women to Love Intimacy Again

Cindy Barshop, former star of the Bravo series Real Housewives of New York City and the founder of the wildly successful Completely Bare spa, is once again tackling the taboos of women’s health and sexuality with her newest endeavor, VSPOT™ Medi-Spa.

Barshop describes VSPOT™ as “the place where science, sex, and strength come together.” She and her team of gynecologists specialize in non-surgical solutions for the things women never talk about, like vaginal dryness, looseness,painful sex and urinary leakage (incontinence). VSPOT™ the authority on vaginal laser technology offers women a way to prevent and correct the problems that significantly impact their quality of life. In addition, the services  help women to enhance sexual pleasure.

Since Barshop has a history of talking about the things that no one else will, we sat down to hear her uncensored story.

What inspired you to start VSPOT? 

After my girls were born, things were different down there. I was treated with the FemiLift for vaginal dryness, looseness, and SUI (stress urinary incontinence) I didn’t expect much, but the results were incredible. It felt like I had found the fountain of youth for my V. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it before, or known that there was such a simple solution.

Can you describe the FemiLift?

We insert a slender wand into your vagina, and its 360-degree rotating laser  works to strengthen the muscles in your vaginal wall. It’s as simple as a pap smear, but it makes sex feel incredible again.

So, is VSPOT a place for mothers?

Yes—and everyone else. VSPOT is for all women of every age and lifestyle. We address—and correct—the issues that come along with childbirth, menopause, or even just getting older. Women experience these symptoms for so many reasons, including the medications they may be on. In fact, many of our clients are breast cancer survivors who come to VSPOT as an estrogen-free way to correct the effects of chemotherapy and medication on their vaginas.

If I’ve never had an issue with my V, what would I do at VSPOT?

So much! Services like the FemiLift are amazing and help so many women—but there’s the “fun” stuff, too. For example, women love the O-Shot. It’s a simple procedure that uses your own blood plasma, injected into the vagina, to enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for up to a year afterwards.  There’s also the V-Steam, which I liked to describe as a luxe, aromatic “facial” for your vagina.

What are the treatments like? 

They are quick, and easy. Faster than waiting for a latte, and you’ll feel better afterwards! There is no surgery, no downtime, no anesthesia and no pain. For FemiLift, we recommend a series of three ten-minute treatments, 4 weeks apart for optimal, long-lasting results.

What is VSPOT like?

It’s intimate and relaxing. It’s quiet and it’s confidential. Our goal is to create a unique and luxurious experience that improves your quality of life.

Who performs the treatment? 

Female gynecologists, and pelvic floor Doctors including renowned  Sexual Health  Guru  Dr. Carolyn Delucia, administer all of our treatments.  We want women to feel relaxed and secure, and an all-female team is integral to this intimate experience.

What is your goal with VSPOT?

I want women to feel good. And, more than that, I want them to feel good about feeling good. This is a basic human right—and it’s time for women to claim what’s theirs.

Cindy Barshop
CEO & Founder
VSPOT Medi Spa 
741 Madison Ave, Btwn 64th & 65th
New York, NY 10065
C: (917) 640-5950
O: (212) 988-1387

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FORME Medical Center Wins the Westchester Community Care Award

September 17, 2018 – For Immediate Release

White Plains, New York
-Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care is very proud to announce that they have been awarded with theWestchester Community Care Award sponsored by United Healthcare of New York. Formé Medical Center, was one of three finalists invited to present their project in front of the judges last Thursday, September 13th, at the Crowne Plaza in Downtown White Plains. The judges evaluated the project based on the following criteria such; community impact, creativity, and feasibility. Later that evening, Formé was awarded the $10,000 prize as the winner of this award which will fund their community project and continuing efforts.

We want to thank United Healthcare and their representatives for this recognition. It is extremely gratifying to know that our efforts for the past few years to help our community through our affordable medical membership plans are being acknowledged and supported”, states Gina Cappelli, Founder and President of Formé.

We would also like to send a special thank you to our team for the hard work and support for our mission! When you work hard together and believe in the mission… you will see the results”.

Being chosen as the winner of such a prestigious award reinforces the fact that our mission to provide healthcare for the underserved and uninsured members of our community is an extremely powerful one”, said Maria Trusa, CEO of Formé Medical Center.

It is the mission of Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care to improve the health and well-being of community members by offering affordable, high-quality and compassionate healthcare to everyone, regardless of their culture and economic background.

We have found the solution to many of the issues within the broken healthcare system. This award gives us fuel to continue to work hard to close the gap between the healthcare received by the affluent verses the underserved community,” Trusa said.

For more information contact:
Alejandra Chaparro
Public Relations

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Formé Medical Center Selected as Finalist for the Westchester Community Care Award

September 11, 2018 – Press Release

White Plains, New York -Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care has been selected as a finalist to receive the Westchester Community Care Award sponsored by United Healthcare of New York. United Health Care has created this award to support small businesses with innovative ideas helping people live healthier lives.

It is truly an honor for us to be selected as a finalist for the United Healthcare Community Care Award.  It is extremely gratifying to know that our efforts for the past few years in creating an innovative healthcare program for the uninsured and underserved community; is being recognized to this capacity”, says Maria Trusa, CEO of Formé.

It is the mission of Formé Medical Center to improve the health and well-being of community members by offering affordable, high-quality and compassionate healthcare to everyone, regardless of their culture and economic background.

It was a refreshing surprise to realize that insurance companies like United are recognizing and supporting programs like the Formé Medical Membership which we have developed with the uninsured and undeserved community in mind. Through the membership, we are providing unlimited medical care starting at only $29.95 a month, as a result, making healthcare affordable.” states Gina Cappelli, President and Founder.

Gina Cappelli and Maria Trusa, are one of the top five finalists and will be presenting their innovative project in front of the judges on Thursday, September 13th, at the Crowne Plaza Downtown White Plains, 66 Hale Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601.

The winner will receive $10,000 prize to fund their community project and continued efforts.

For more information contact:

Alejandra Chaparro
Public Relations


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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 13

Every time your heart is broken, a doorway cracks open to a world full of new beginnings, new opportunities“. -Patti Roberts.

Take a look at the most recent Facebook Live show Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina, where they talked about how to heal a broken heart. Thanks for watching!

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