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Formé unveils a pioneering annual membership to aid the uninsured

White Plains-based Formé Urgent Care has recently unveiled a pioneering annual membership to aid the uninsured.

Founded in 2000 by Gina Cappelli, Formé Urgent Care has been making waves in Westchester’s medical scene for a number of years. In 2003, the company opened its very first extension clinic in Eastchester and, by spring 2014, had unveiled its popular Formé Urgent Care and Wellness Center in White Plains. Now, with the recent debut of the company’s innovative new medical membership, the uninsured will have a new option when seeking aid.

Gina Cappelli, founder of Formé (left) with Maria Trusa, CEO

“We have developed a community outreach program called The Formé Medical Membership program, which was created to produce and service a large volume of cash-pay patients,” says company President Gina Cappelli. “This program officially launched on March 15th, 2016 and grants non-insured members access to affordable and dignified urgent care and physical therapy services for $1 per day.”

“When Gina and I met we both knew that we wanted to figure out a way to help the uninsured population,” adds CEO Maria Trusa. “For many years I had a vision of creating a medical practice where this community could have access to dignified care which means quality providers, great customer service and affordable prices. It was a huge passion and dream of mine. We looked at different options until one day Gina came up with the concept of a membership to our urgent care.”

​This membership offers participants discounts on medical care at Formé’s facilities in White Plains, which include walk-in medical care facilities as well as diagnostic and treatment centers, for $365 a year. It is a bold new way to offer care to the uninsured at relatively low cost compared with standard health insurance plans.

The founders feel Westchester in particular is fertile territory for this forward-thinking approach to care. “We both live in Westchester County and knew from the statistics that there are over 116,000 uninsured individuals in this county, according to the Westchester County Department of Health. It was important to us to help our community and create positive change,” says Trusa.

Apparently the plan is paying off, as Cappelli and Trusa already see a great deal of expansion in the cards. “We have been extremely happy with the way the program is being accepted by the different non-profit and political organizations, medical providers, laboratories, imaging companies, pharmacies, and local businesses,” remarks Cappelli.“ We are projecting that this program will grow so rapidly—due to the tremendous need for an affordable option to those individuals who do not have insurance—that we will have to open up satellite offices in nearby cities.”