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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 39

Today on Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina, we welcome our special guest Jennifer Baukol, Co-Founder of Steps Home Care. Listen as she takes us through the levels of service available for our elderly family members, from companionship to skilled nursing services. We all want the best for our parents and loved ones as they age.

Learn how Steps Home Care can help you care of your elderly loved ones.

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At Formé: Our Mission, Your Health!

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…Obesity means having far too much body fat?

People with a high volume of body fat can seriously affect their health and quality of life.

Listen as Dr. Gary Midelton, Medical Director at Formé Medical Center, explains about Body Mass Index (BMI) and what you can do to lower and reduce your health risks.

To learn more about affordable membership plans, call us today at 914-723-4900.

Our Mission, Your Health!

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Mammogram – Breast Cancer Prevention


…The American Cancer Society recommends that women between the ages of 40 to 44 to have their first mammogram?

It is generally advisable for women to get a mammogram by the age of 40, but in the event that they have a first degree relative with breast cancer, it is highly recommended that this test be performed at a much earlier age.

Dr. Gary Midelton, Medical Director at Formé Medical Center, explains more about this important screening tool. Click on the video to learn more!

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Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina Episode 36

On this episode of “Reflect and Reset with Maria & Gina” our special guest Dr. Marc Koch, President & CEO at Somnia Inc. will talk to us about pain management.

Learn about the best treatments available to handle chronic pain and depression.

Anesthesia Stepping out of the OR to Improve Health, Longevity and Well-being

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Reflect And Reset With Maria & Gina Episode 23

With the thought that one day we will no longer be in this life, it is very important to plan this moment in advance; especially if you have a family.

Amy Gould, Director of Advanced Planning for Fortis Lux Financial, talks about this important topic.

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