5 Things you should know about Dexamethasone

The University of Oxford in England has announced that the freely produced medicine has great benefits in combating Coronavirus in seriously ill patients.

Dexamethasone is a free-produced, synthetic, corticosteroid that has anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and anti-allergic properties, commonly used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases and nasal, asthmatic, skin, eye or bronchopulmonary allergies, although it is also prescribed in cases of arthritis and sclerosis among others.

According to the latest statements from the University of Oxford – England, this drug is “the first drug capable of reducing the number of deaths from COVID by a third” when it is administered to seriously ill patients with respiratory symptoms.

How does Dexamethasone works?

The drug softens the body’s immune system causing the virus to generate inflammation in a patient infected with the virus to fight infection and slow the multiplication of viral proteins within the body.
While the drug itself does not constitute a treatment for COVID, its fat-soluble properties are highly effective in reducing the symptoms of the disease.

Who can this medicine be applied to?

According to Oxford, the positive results of a treatment with this drug are visible only in seriously ill patients who are admitted to clinics and hospitals and who also receive oxygen or mechanical ventilation support.

It is recommended that infected people who have not developed the disease until this stage, not use the drug since the suppression of the immune system will not be useful and may cause adverse results.


While the drug has different presentations, some of which are available over the counter in several countries around the world, the effective administration for the treatment of COVID is by means of an injection and should not be given without medical supervision.
Formé Medical Care urges the community to avoid unnecessary consumption of this medication and other drugs without medical supervision. If you should need this treatment, please call 914-723-4900 and request medical attention.

Does it have side effects?

Yes, this medication can cause side effects such as weight gain, fluid retention, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and other less common effects such as bleeding and eye disorders. However, the dose used in the treatment against the virus is low, which is directly proportional to the probability of suffering the side effects, if it is supplied under medical indication.


Although the scientific studies of the University of Oxford on the use of this medicine in the treatment of COVID have not been published, it is not the first to analyze the properties of the drug in infected patients. In Spain and other countries of the world, clinical trials are being carried out with the supply of Dexamethasone to adult patients admitted to the ICUs of the different hospitals.

The effectiveness of this medicine does not constitute a cure for the virus. Therefore, as a Medical Center, we adhere to the recommendations of the World Health Organization in maintaining physical distance from other people, washing your hands frequently, wearing a face masks, and avoiding mass encounters.

Remember that at Formé Medical Center, we have a Coronavirus Testing Center aimed at the vulnerable population, undocumented immigrant community or the uninsured population, where we perform tests for COVID and Antibodies.
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