Formé Medical Center: Our Mission, Your Care- We Promise to Aid!

Formé Medical Center: Our Mission, Your Care- We Promise to Aid!

By: Maria Trusa

As we continue with our efforts of providing affordable and attainable healthcare, we are relentlessly educating ourselves on the facts and areas of focus for the uninsured.  How can we make a difference?  Attempting to discover new possibilities for those in need, we, at Formé, are excited to share the upcoming introduction of our non-profit organization, Promise to Aid, Inc. 

Enthused with our current Monthly Subscription Medical Membership Model and its endless prospects towards preventive care, we felt compelled to continue exploring other needs of the uninsured.  Providing affordable healthcare has been a stepping stone toward other extensive care needs such as high cost diagnostic testing, rehabilitation services and/or more importantly surgical procedures.  We realize that the limitations to care are still eminent as we are witness to patients in need of funding for hip replacements and many other high cost procedures.  It is evident affordable healthcare is still a factor.  With that in mind, Promise to Aid, Inc., was established.  Our mission is to enable the under-served, uninsured communities with the ability to gain access to much needed funding for educational, medical and surgical care regardless of culture and economic status.  The organization will raise funds to initiate educational health programs, in addition to financially assisting patients with extraordinarily high cost medical services.

With the fragmentation of healthcare and our willingness to bring about change, we set out to educate and seek support from our community partners.  The willingness to be a part of our mission and help revolutionize healthcare has been overwhelming.  State initiatives continuing to fund resources and other available granting opportunities have created a foundation for our mission bringing great promise to the community.

We are confident Promise to Aid, Inc. will make a dramatic impact on the community in addition to reducing the cost of healthcare.  Having the ability to assist patients with the appropriate and necessary care needs will improve health outcomes tremendously; lending to the prevention of increased avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

We are humbly privileged to be able to help the community in need.  Further updates on the inauguration of our non-profit, Promise to Aid, Inc. to follow.