PCR Test Results

With the COVID-19 pandemic where it is at the moment, everyone is trying to go back to normal; tests and vaccines are becoming more common every day and many organizations and groups are allowing people to return to their activities if they deliver a negative result from a test.  As a consequence, PCR test results delivered on the same day are being more and more valued, here we tell you why.

Why should I get a test done?

There are several reasons to take a COVID test besides the fact of being a responsible citizen, the following are just an example:

  • To protect your family, coworkers, and everyone you are in contact with.
  • To take care of your health. If you identify the virus before the strongest symptoms appear, you can be treated on time and avoid complications.
  • To be able to go back to work or to school.
  • To help stop the pandemic in any way you can.
  • To be able to travel safely.

What types of tests are there?

There are three main types of tests: molecular, antigen, and antibody tests. The first two are diagnostic tests, this means that they show an active form of COVID-19 infection in your body, while antibody type of tests look for antibodies in your immune system as a response to a pre-existent infection. This means that the antibody tests can tell if you already had the disease, even if you are not infected anymore.

Diagnostic test samples are collected through nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, while the antibody tests require a blood sample that can be from a pinching of a finger or from blood withdrawal in your arm.

What are the characteristics of the PCR test?

The Polymerate Chain Reaction (PCR) test is a molecular type of test. The sample is acquired through a nose swab, and it is the most accurate and reliable test to diagnose COVID-19. PCR tests normally require only one test, while other tests require two of them to confirm the result and avoid false negatives and false positives.

The test works by identifying genetic material of the virus, and what makes it so accurate in its results is that it is so sensible to the genetic material, that it can even detect fragments of the virus after you are no longer infected. This means that it can also identify the virus in its early stages, before you have noticeable symptoms.

The sample for a PCR test must be taken to a lab and then analyzed in special equipment, therefore, it can take longer for results to be ready in comparison with other tests, which is not really a disadvantage if you take into consideration that it only takes one test to have the most accurate results.

Normally, the results of a PCR test would take over 24 hours to be ready if all the equipment was free and there were no other results to process, but technology progresses every day and now there are specific Medical Centers that can provide PCR tests results in less than a day.

Remember that at Formé Medical Center, we can provide the results of your PCR test on the same day if you come and take the test before 11:00 am. There is no need to schedule an appointment, come to the center before 11 in the morning and our amazing staff will take care of you so you can have accurate results on the same day. Read or related article if you want to get a Coronavirus update

Keep in mind that Medical Centers such as Formé keep contributing to the community by providing all the services related to COVID. If you are interested in our immunization campaigns or COVID testing, contact us at 914 723 4900 and find out about the multiple options we have available for you.

We have the best team of healthcare professionals available for you. Remember that at Formé, our mission is your health.