Vasalgel: the new male contraceptive

Despite all of the currently available contraceptives, 85 million unintended pregnancies occur in the world every year. Regarding the contraceptive world, women have always had more options (with more side effects), while the options for men come down to condoms or vasectomy. Today, we finally reached the option that made more sense from the beginning. Scientists have developed Vasalgel, the new male contraceptive that promises to cooperate in pregnancy regulation.

Vasalgel was developed by Parsemus Foundation through Revolution Contraceptives, and the purpose was to give men another option to control their reproduction with a “reliable, safe, cost-effective, and reversible contraceptive.” (, 2021)

How does Vasalgel work?

Vasalgel is a high molecular weight polymer. This polymer is injected in the vas deferens (which are the tubes in which the sperm travels to be ejaculated), and it stops the sperm from advancing without stopping ejaculation.

When injected, the polymer attaches to the inner walls of the tubes, and when it comes in contact with the sperm, it ruptures the tails, so they are unable to fertilize an egg.

Local anesthetic is applied at the injection area and then the gel is injected in both sides (both vas deferens). It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not last more than a few minutes. Men can return to their normal sex lives shortly after the procedure is done.

The contraceptive is not hormonal, it has minimal side effects (nothing compared to feminine contraceptives), and it is reversible. In case that a man acquires the injection, the gel can be later dissolved and flushed out, returning to normal.

How does the reversal work?

Several studies have shown that the reversion of the injection does not affect any bodily system, and even more, the sperm concentration and motility in the ejaculation after reversing the procedure are normal. (ncbi, 2017)

Also, the vas deferens was intact and with very little or no residual test material after reversing the procedure.

The reversal process is also very quick and simple, a solution with baking soda and water is injected to dissolve and flush the Vasalgel out of the body.

What are the side effects of Vasalgel?

The side effects of Vasalgel are minimal, it does not have the side effects of a vasectomy and it is not hormonal, therefore it does not have an influence in the body’s hormonal system of men.

The noticeable side effect could be a little bit of swelling after the injection, which goes away soon.

This contraceptive has less than a couple years in the American market, and yet it has not started to become viral until now. The contraceptive works, it has little or no side effects, it is not hormonal, it is long-lasting, and reversible, therefore, it is time to viralize this amazing option for men contraceptives.

How is it different from a vasectomy?

The procedure is different from a vasectomy and does not have the same side effects. In the vasectomy, the vas deferens is completely cut, therefore, the side effects may include swelling, bruising, formation of small lumps, and pressure buildup.

In this contraceptive injection, the vas deferens is not cut, therefore the bruising, lumps, and pressure buildup are eliminated.

This is a wonderful new contraceptive that can have a great influence in the unintended pregnancies numbers.

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