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Ear Infection

Though more common in children, anyone can develop an ear infection. If you suspect you or your child has an ear infection, schedule an appointment with the skilled health team at Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care in White Plains, New York. They can evaluate your ear infection and provide the most effective treatment to ease your symptoms. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today. Telemedicine appointments are available.

Ear Infection Q & A

An ear infection includes various conditions that cause ear pain and discomfort. There are many types of ear infections:

Acute otitis media
Acute otitis media is an infection that affects the middle ear. A bacteria or virus may cause this type of ear infection.

Otitis media with effusion
Otitis media with effusion means there’s a buildup of fluids in the middle ear but no infection.

Swimmer’s ear
An infection in the outer ear canal is known as swimmer’s ear.

An ear infection may clear up on its own. However, you should schedule an appointment at Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care if:

  • You have ear pain that lasts longer than a day
  • Your ear pain is severe
  • You have drainage from your ear
  • You have trouble hearing

An ear infection may occur from many causes. Getting an accurate diagnosis ensures you get the best care to clear up any type of infection and ease your symptoms.

When you visit Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care with concerns about an ear infection, you can expect prompt, professional, and attentive care.

Your provider reviews your symptoms and medical history and performs a physical exam. Then, they examine your ears, nose, and throat using a pneumatic otoscope, which is a special instrument that helps diagnose ear infections.

With the pneumatic otoscope, your provider gently pumps air into your ear to look for movement of your eardrum. If there’s no movement, then you have an ear infection.

Treatment for an ear infection varies and may depend on the type of ear infection you have and the severity of your symptoms. Initially, your provider may recommend treatments to ease your ear pain, such as over-the-counter pain medication or ear drops.

If your ear infection fails to improve within a few days, your provider may prescribe a course of antibiotics. When given antibiotics for an ear infection, you must take the medication as prescribed to prevent a recurrence.

To get relief from your ear infection, schedule an appointment at Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care by calling the office or booking online today.

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