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By: Eva Roszkowski
Community Engagement Manager
Alzheimer’s Association


Eva and her dad Henry

“We will run additional tests to confirm but it seems that your father has Early Onset Alzheimer’s” he said. I was at NYU’s Langone Center, sitting with my dad’s neurologist when I first heard these words. At the time, my father was 56. I was 24. I barely knew how to spell the name of the disease, let alone what to expect. Eight years later I am in the position to share my story and bring attention to the sobering fact that millennials are not as far removed from dementia as commonly thought.

Since my dad’s diagnosis I’ve had to say countless times that “Alzheimer’s is not just a memory disease.” There were a multitude of personality changes that I was not prepared for when my father was in the early stages. His vocabulary changed. He could no longer manage finances or organize personal documents. His logical thinking was severely hindered — I witnessed him cross the street when cars were flying towards him. He was more confused and reticent when it came to expressing himself. He was no longer the man I had known my entire life.


I reached out to the Alzheimer’s Association very early on after my father’s diagnosis was confirmed. The person I spoke to referred me to a support group for caregivers under 30. I couldn’t believe that there were other people my age who were dealing with this, but there were.

Having this disease in your life when you are in the process of beginning your own life is uniquely distressing. The people in my support group were NOT just like me. Some were fresh out of law school, some were accountants, some were engaged, some had just moved to the city and were hundreds of miles from home. But there were also countless parallels to our stages in life: recent graduates, young professionals who were trying to define a career path for themselves, individuals who were preparing to leave the nest, people who were in serious relationships and figuring out next steps. We were in the beginning stages of some very exciting things on the horizon. But we all had Alzheimer’s or dementia in our life that was slowing our momentum.

Some millennials may think that Alzheimer’s is an “old people” disease, or reduce it to being a “memory disease”. Certainly, there is truth in age being the biggest risk factor but it is not the only risk factor to Alzheimer’s. Aside from this general misrepresentation, there is still somewhat of a stigma associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia because we currently have no cure for it and no truly effective treatment avenues. There are drugs available that address the symptoms of the disease, but do not slow the progression of it. Naturally there is fear around this disease because we don’t fully understand the cause of it yet.


The major components of my role at the Alzheimer’s Association are community outreach and community education. In my work, I speak from the heart because I want to see an end to this disease. Additionally, I am an adviser for the Young Professionals Alzheimer’s Council (YPAC) which is an auxiliary board of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Hudson Valley Chapter. The group consists of millennials committed to creating a world without Alzheimer’s. Our events throughout the year will seek to engage our communities in and around the lower Hudson Valley in the fight against Alzheimer’s. This group is intended for those with a personal connection to the disease, as well as those who do not have a connection but would like to learn more and contribute in the fight against it. And on top of that, it can also serve as a support system for those who may have family members affected by the disease.

Simply put, the intent behind YPAC is greater millennial involvement in the cause. Via programs such as TrialMatch and fundraising opportunities through Walk to End Alzheimer’s and The Longest Day, our generation can be part of finding a cure. We want to galvanize young professionals to promote engagement. With aging Baby Boomers and a longer life expectancy, there is more of a chance that the younger population will be dealing with Alzheimer’s disease in their home.

I can say without hesitation that Alzheimer’s affects young professionals differently, and I can only hope that those who get involved are as excited as I am for the endless possibilities and impact we can have on the cause.

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Risks of losing your Green Card for Receiving Some Public Benefits

By Lyda Marcela Tyburec, Esq,

The Trump Administration Officials announced on September 22, 2018, a new Executive Order with proposed changes to the definition of public charge as basis for denying admission, green cards and visas applications.

If this rule is implemented it would prevent immigrants from securing lawful permanent residence and would prevent them remaining with their families in the USA simply because they receive some type of health care support, nutrition assistance or other vital services.

When is this change going to be in effect?

The Order at this moment is only a proposal and it requires execution and implementation. It will take some weeks before the proposed Order goes into effect, but the public will have the opportunity to prevent the proposed Order from becoming law by submitting comments once the proposed Order is published in the Federal Register.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed Order seeks to re-define and expand the list of programs that qualify as public charge. Some of the public benefits to be designated in this proposal are federal, state, local, or tribal cash assistance for income maintenance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF),

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid (with limited exceptions for Medicaid benefits paid for an “emergency medical condition,” and for certain disability services related to education), Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps), institutionalization for long-term care at government expense, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance, and Public Housing.

The first three benefits listed above are cash benefits that are covered under current policy.

What to do?

My recommendation is for individuals to get as informed as possible and seek legal advice before receiving public benefits to avoid possible future complications. It is important to understand that the proposed rule does not include some benefits that U.S. children are entitled to receive like prenatal care, WIC, or other health- or food-related benefits.

In addition, the public should be preparing to comment on this proposed Order and be ready to inform the administration that the implementation of this proposed Order will weaken our country by threatening the health and well-being of families around the country.

Lyda Marcela Tyburec, Esq,
Immigration Attorney
Phone: 347 446 4704

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Talking Taboos: Cindy Barshop Wants Women to Love Intimacy Again

Cindy Barshop, former star of the Bravo series Real Housewives of New York City and the founder of the wildly successful Completely Bare spa, is once again tackling the taboos of women’s health and sexuality with her newest endeavor, VSPOT™ Medi-Spa.

Barshop describes VSPOT™ as “the place where science, sex, and strength come together.” She and her team of gynecologists specialize in non-surgical solutions for the things women never talk about, like vaginal dryness, looseness,painful sex and urinary leakage (incontinence). VSPOT™ the authority on vaginal laser technology offers women a way to prevent and correct the problems that significantly impact their quality of life. In addition, the services  help women to enhance sexual pleasure.

Since Barshop has a history of talking about the things that no one else will, we sat down to hear her uncensored story.

What inspired you to start VSPOT? 

After my girls were born, things were different down there. I was treated with the FemiLift for vaginal dryness, looseness, and SUI (stress urinary incontinence) I didn’t expect much, but the results were incredible. It felt like I had found the fountain of youth for my V. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it before, or known that there was such a simple solution.

Can you describe the FemiLift?

We insert a slender wand into your vagina, and its 360-degree rotating laser  works to strengthen the muscles in your vaginal wall. It’s as simple as a pap smear, but it makes sex feel incredible again.

So, is VSPOT a place for mothers?

Yes—and everyone else. VSPOT is for all women of every age and lifestyle. We address—and correct—the issues that come along with childbirth, menopause, or even just getting older. Women experience these symptoms for so many reasons, including the medications they may be on. In fact, many of our clients are breast cancer survivors who come to VSPOT as an estrogen-free way to correct the effects of chemotherapy and medication on their vaginas.

If I’ve never had an issue with my V, what would I do at VSPOT?

So much! Services like the FemiLift are amazing and help so many women—but there’s the “fun” stuff, too. For example, women love the O-Shot. It’s a simple procedure that uses your own blood plasma, injected into the vagina, to enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for up to a year afterwards.  There’s also the V-Steam, which I liked to describe as a luxe, aromatic “facial” for your vagina.

What are the treatments like? 

They are quick, and easy. Faster than waiting for a latte, and you’ll feel better afterwards! There is no surgery, no downtime, no anesthesia and no pain. For FemiLift, we recommend a series of three ten-minute treatments, 4 weeks apart for optimal, long-lasting results.

What is VSPOT like?

It’s intimate and relaxing. It’s quiet and it’s confidential. Our goal is to create a unique and luxurious experience that improves your quality of life.

Who performs the treatment? 

Female gynecologists, and pelvic floor Doctors including renowned  Sexual Health  Guru  Dr. Carolyn Delucia, administer all of our treatments.  We want women to feel relaxed and secure, and an all-female team is integral to this intimate experience.

What is your goal with VSPOT?

I want women to feel good. And, more than that, I want them to feel good about feeling good. This is a basic human right—and it’s time for women to claim what’s theirs.

Cindy Barshop
CEO & Founder
VSPOT Medi Spa 
741 Madison Ave, Btwn 64th & 65th
New York, NY 10065
C: (917) 640-5950
O: (212) 988-1387

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How to Overcome a Broken Heart

By: Alana Millings, LMFT

After experiencing a broken heart, whether it be from a break up with a spouse, the loss of a friendship or the death of a loved one, many people find that they don’t know what to do, and often feel lost, angry or confused. People sometimes turn to things like food, sex, shopping, drinking and other “comforts” to escape their feelings of depression, sadness and confusion. What many people do not do is recognize and correctly identify what there are truly feeling: Grief.

Grief is unfortunately not as widely accepted in our society as we might like it to be and certainly not as much as we need it to be. There is often an expectation that the griever “move on”, “get over it” and “let things go” after a certain period of time when someone suffers a loss. The unspoken rule is that we are not allowed to dwell on these things for too long because it may send a message that a person is not strong. This is unfortunate, as it gives people incorrect information about how to grieve and creates a barrier to learning how to overcome grief and heal from a broken heart.

We grieve losses when we consider the things we wish we could have done differently, better or more in those relationships we have lost. We feel there were moments that were missed opportunities to say something more, do something better, and we beat ourselves up for not having done something differently. Sometimes, we think perhaps that time will heal our hurt… or at least that’s what we’ve heard. We think that maybe our memory will begin to fade, and it might be easier to forget, but our brains hold on to hurt and heartache with a tight grip and will not easily let those memories fade away.

Some of us decide that we will cope with our losses alone, fearful of what others might think if we shared our hurt openly, putting on a brave face in public and then breaking down in private. Some of us will seek to find mental clarity through meditation, which can be very relaxing and helpful for some, but may cause more stress and frustration for others. Some of us believe that going to therapy or a support group will be helpful, and those are good long-term options, however many people may find themselves wanting for more. More than breathing exercises, more than talk and an ear to listen, more than support and coffee. People are in need of something that will heal them, some tools that can be used to help bring closure and completeness to what was left incomplete by the ending of a relationship. These tools do exist. The specific tool that I am referring to is called the Grief Recovery Method®.

The Grief Recovery Method is wonderful and effective program derived from the book: “The Grief Recovery Handbook”. The book provides step by step instructions on how to overcome loss and heal a broken heart, leaving you with tools that you can use time and time again. You can find out more about the Grief Recovery Method by picking up the book: The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition, or you can contact a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist® who will take you through the program in either an individual or group setting over the course of about 8 weeks.

Whatever means you choose to overcome a broken heart, do not isolate yourself. The key will be to incorporate others. Utilize the supports in your family and friends. Contact a therapist, visit and join a support group, try group Yoga or meditation. You will find that surrounding yourself with positive people who love, care and support you will be the best medicine to heal your hurt and your heart.

-Alana Millings, M.S., LMFT
Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist®

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Back to school: How to help kids to deal with stress

As summer ends and students are returning to school, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the large number of young people affected by mental illness:

  • One out of five children living in the United States experience a mental health condition each year.
  • Fifty percent of children ages eight to fifteen experiencing a mental health condition don’t receive treatment.
  • Half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age

“Studies shows that unfortunately drugs and alcohol abuse go hand on hand with mental illness, we are looking at approximately 62% of high school seniors that have tried alcohol and 16% of high school seniors who binge drinks, which equates to more than five drinks in a row.  We also have a staggering 37% of high school seniors who used marihuana, and 33% of eight graders had tried alcohol,” says Psychotherapist, Lissette Perez.

Perez explains that the reasons are a combination of different things. A lot of it has to do with transition, since most people do not deal well with change. Now add instability in the home or in their surroundings which makes coping much more difficult.

Some children are dealing with self-steam issues or finding themselves being left alone most of the time, which also contributes to substance abuse. “Being isolated or not feeling that you fit in, could lead to depression or anxiety,” she adds.

That´s why it is important that classmates, teachers, and families understand the challenges and complexities of mental illness and do their share to help combat the negative stigma surrounding the disease. Parents need to be proactive and have the difficult discussion with their children, asking if he or she would like to talk with a professional, and ensuring them that there is nothing wrong with it. They must be involved in their child’s life and pay close attention to behavioral changes like; isolating themselves from others, or not engaging in certain activities whether is in school or the family.

“A pill is not always the answer, eating healthy, practicing a sport, being involved in different activities are crucial. Things of that kind of nature are very helpful for a teen who is transitioning and having difficulties.”

When searching for a therapist, you must ensure that they are a good fit for your child. You will need to make certain that your child feels safe and will be able to connect with the therapist before hiring them. Be sure to schedule an interview and see how comfortable you and your family feel with that

person. It is about being able to connect that will enable your child to communicate and get the desired results from each visit.

How Parents Can Support a Child with Mental Illness

Parents can help by giving the child guidance and understanding. Before a mental illness has been diagnose and a treatment plan proposed, frustration, guilt and shame may have built up in the child and the family. Special help may be required to help the family and the child deal with these feelings. Through therapy, the family and the child will be able to develop new skills, techniques, attitudes and ways of dealing with issues and relating to each other. In addition, parenting skills training may be beneficial to help parents to more supportive of their child with mental illness.

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Sadly, summer can’t be year round for all of us. Before it ends, we would love to invite you to try our new beauty treatments to make you feel younger and healthier. Because you only live once!
Prevent, Live, and Be Happy!
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that we obtain from various food or supplementary sources. With vitamin IV therapy, vitamin C is administered directly into the blood stream. In this way, you can get a high dose of the vitamin without experiencing any side effects.
-Helps with production of collagen
-Boosts immune system
-Reduces stress
-Accelerates the healing process


This treatment offers vitamin infused blends to optimize repair, recovery, and re-hydration on the cellular level.
-Increases Natural Energy Levels
-Augments Red Blood Cell Production
-Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite Cycles
-Boosts Immune System
For additional information about these treatments you can call 914.723.4900 or 914.437.9764
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The limitations of Mental Health Care in a community in need!  


By: Maria Trusa

Too often, we hear of the many unfortunate events that arise due to individuals who struggle with various types of mental illness and mental health. We often wonder, why is this the case? When you take a look at healthcare and its constant limitations to the community, it is easy, although not acceptable, to comprehend when such events are reported.

We find the focus and attention in healthcare to be on the physical body and chronic illnesses one incur but we fail to see the impact that mental health has on an individual’s overall health.  Many illnesses develop due to poor mental health. Depression, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, to name a few, are illnesses that debilitate the physical body and mind.  The difficulty comes with identifying the need for care.  Such mental illnesses are not evident most of the time resulting in an action to bring attention to the possibility of a problem developing.  Our focus needs to be on overall healthcare understanding that each fragment of one’s being can be a contributory factor.

Similarly, the challenge comes in the ability to access high-quality, affordable care.  It is shameful how limited resources are for these individuals in need.  Many mental health programs are filled to capacity and extend waiting lists whereas other facilities just don’t have another outlet to offer.  At the same time, affordability has become a factor to consider as out of pocket expenses can be very costly, in addition to non-coverage of mental health services by insurance companies.  Access and affordability have impinged on providing care for many.

At Formé, we have notably seen an increased need of mental health care.  Our efforts are constant as we have partnered with a non-profit organization which provides a care manager to find ways of eliminating barriers of care.  However, their organization has also experienced the lack of accessibility.   As another measure of hope, Formé will be offering mental health services at an affordable price through the integration of a program in collaboration with Iona College.  Iona College’s Department of Marriage and Family Therapy will provide students completing their clinical internships under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced Psychotherapist to work with our patients.  The program will afford patients the opportunity to access affordable and high-quality mental care.

At Formé Medical Center, “We will continue our efforts in finding ways to eradicate said barriers and enforce measures to facilitate care.” 

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Healthcare- Your Health Should Not Depend on Your Wealth!


By: Maria Trusa

A striking number of uninsured individuals forgo seeking medical attention due to their perception of not having financial options available for medical care.  Unfortunately, this stigma has become customary for the underserved population.  Why are there low expectations for those who are disadvantaged?

Many times, we tend to disregard the needs of others, failing to focus on those who are truly in need.  With the uninsured community, we all too often, see the prejudices of care.  Our health system is focused on the insured and maintaining ways to sustain coverage plans for those who can afford healthcare. What about the percentage of individuals who are unable to measure up with that population?  The lack of accessibility to healthcare for individuals even if they can afford to pay for insurance is bewildering.  Needless to say, the healthcare system is set up to disable the uninsured community.  It has become a vicious cycle which emanated from the lack of support and attention needed to afford this population a means of dignified care.

The destructive high costs of healthcare are leading to increased emergency room visits and hospitalizations as a result of unattainable preventive care for many.  Individuals are forced to neglect their care resulting in the lack of a healthy lifestyle with added pressures.  As a result, many go to the emergency room for care and are discharged with an unimaginable hospital bill as rates are charged at 300-800% over Medicare, at a minimum.  We have seen patients distressed by the inflated charges of healthcare refusing to continue seeking needed care. There was an incident of a woman sent in error to the hospital for a routine mammogram and was charged over $1000 for the visit.  Understandably, she was very upset; refusing to continue any follow up care.  Such incidences may result in extensive healthcare needs and in some cases even death becoming a dumbfounding expense.  The cost of healthcare has become implausible committing tax payers to excessive expenses as many will not be able to afford the services provided.

The working class along with immigrants in our communities are finding it difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Many immigrants hold hard-hitting, labor-intensive jobs that tear away at their physical being with a risk of serious injuries and/or illness which may warrant surgery or long-term treatment.  Why are we not being more proactive in formulating ways to make a difference for so many in need?  Instead, we bear the consequences of the complications that stem from such ignorance and lack of interest in the well-being of others.

Our efforts of transforming healthcare bear witness to the challenges in our community.  Along with our partners, we strive to make an impact in the lives of many who are not aware or believe opportunities are non-existent.  While impacting their health, we transform lives.  Some time ago, there was a gentleman who was almost legally blind.  An immigrant with no aspirations due to his limitations.  He worked as a dishwasher to provide for his family and hadn’t been seen by a doctor in 10 years.  His condition worsened due to the inability of affording the recommended corrective procedure.  Today, with the assistance of our community partners, he was able to afford the procedure resulting in the improvement of his sight, work performance and new assignment as the “Head Cook”.    It is astounding how with a little support a life was impacted.  This is what we wish for many.

Accessibility, affordability and continuity of care are key factors at Formé Medical Center.  There are so many others like the woman and gentleman and although we realize there is no solution, we are hopeful that our efforts will aid this broken healthcare system and bring emphasis to the needs of the community.

At Formé Medical Center, “You Matter and We Care!

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Formé Medical Center: Our Mission, Your Care- We Promise to Aid!

By: Maria Trusa

As we continue with our efforts of providing affordable and attainable healthcare, we are relentlessly educating ourselves on the facts and areas of focus for the uninsured.  How can we make a difference?  Attempting to discover new possibilities for those in need, we, at Formé, are excited to share the upcoming introduction of our non-profit organization, Promise to Aid, Inc. 

Enthused with our current Monthly Subscription Medical Membership Model and its endless prospects towards preventive care, we felt compelled to continue exploring other needs of the uninsured.  Providing affordable healthcare has been a stepping stone toward other extensive care needs such as high cost diagnostic testing, rehabilitation services and/or more importantly surgical procedures.  We realize that the limitations to care are still eminent as we are witness to patients in need of funding for hip replacements and many other high cost procedures.  It is evident affordable healthcare is still a factor.  With that in mind, Promise to Aid, Inc., was established.  Our mission is to enable the under-served, uninsured communities with the ability to gain access to much needed funding for educational, medical and surgical care regardless of culture and economic status.  The organization will raise funds to initiate educational health programs, in addition to financially assisting patients with extraordinarily high cost medical services.

With the fragmentation of healthcare and our willingness to bring about change, we set out to educate and seek support from our community partners.  The willingness to be a part of our mission and help revolutionize healthcare has been overwhelming.  State initiatives continuing to fund resources and other available granting opportunities have created a foundation for our mission bringing great promise to the community.

We are confident Promise to Aid, Inc. will make a dramatic impact on the community in addition to reducing the cost of healthcare.  Having the ability to assist patients with the appropriate and necessary care needs will improve health outcomes tremendously; lending to the prevention of increased avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

We are humbly privileged to be able to help the community in need.  Further updates on the inauguration of our non-profit, Promise to Aid, Inc. to follow.

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Jumpstart Your Journey to Healthy Living

We are excited to share that you can now take advantage of medical benefits available to improve your health.  Formé Medical Center has an exclusive offer which will provide you with the opportunity to receive dignified, high-quality, transparent but most importantly, affordable healthcare.

With a strong foundation at our Center that includes an array of needed preventive medical services, we were able to create a Medical Membership Model that mirrors a gym membership concept. Our vision of this incredible offer is to ensure that all social classes in the community have access to preventive healthcare and achieve favorable health outcomes but most importantly, have the choice to choose an affordable plan that works for you.  Our efforts are endless as we are focused on helping the uninsured community.  Current and upcoming collaborations with Westchester Medical Center and Montefiore, will provide additional resources to our new Membership model.

Imagine coming to your doctor and not needing to worry about paying high costs for services.  You simply show up, scan your card, see the doctor and go on with your day.

You ask yourself, “How is this possible?”  So here it is… Formé Medical Center’s Membership Model consists of three tiers:  Basic, Plus and Premium.  Each plan is offered at an affordable price.  For a low-monthly fee along with a one-time Annual Fee of $50*, you will receive well-rounded services at our Center with our providers and specialists exclusive of Lab Testing (Available at a Discounted Rate with our Lab Vendor).  Furthermore, you will have the benefit of being referred to our community specialty partners for an additional discounted fee.


Formé Basic

  • Low Monthly Fee of $29.95*
  • Urgent Care Services with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.
  • Primary Care Services and ongoing preventive care with Family Practice Physician Assistant
  • Patient Care Navigator – helping members with future specialty appointments, referrals, and authorizations

Formé Plus

  • Low Monthly Fee of $59.95*
  • Urgent Care Services with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.
  • Primary Care Services and ongoing preventive care with a Board-Certified Physician
  • Patient Care Navigator – helping members with future specialty appointments, referrals, and authorizations
  • 10 Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Behavioral Health Services

Formé Premium Membership offers you the “Best Rewards”

  • Low Monthly Fee of $89.95*
  • Urgent Care Services with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.
  • Patient Care Navigator – helping members with future specialty appointments, referrals, and authorizations
  • Primary Care Services and ongoing preventive care with a Board-Certified Physician
  • 20 Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Consultations and visits with our specialists (Podiatry, Gynecology, Neurology, Dermatology and Orthopedic Care with a Physician Assistant)

So?  Does this sound exciting and affordable?  If so, we invite you to jumpstart your journey to improving your health.  

We look forward to the privilege of providing all of your healthcare needs.

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