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Promise to Aid, A Reality!

How ironic to know that the same day we launched our Non-Profit, of all days, was Humans Right Day! It was also the kick-off of our long awaited first meeting of our Board of Directors for Promise to Aid (PTA). PTA is a non-profit organization that affirms that everyone has…

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Healthcare- Your Health Should Not Depend on Your Wealth!

  By: Maria Trusa A striking number of uninsured individuals forgo seeking medical attention due to their perception of not having financial options available for medical care.  Unfortunately, this stigma has become customary for the underserved population.  Why are there low expectations for those who are disadvantaged? Many times, we…

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Formé Medical Center: Our Mission, Your Care- We Promise to Aid!

By: Maria Trusa As we continue with our efforts of providing affordable and attainable healthcare, we are relentlessly educating ourselves on the facts and areas of focus for the uninsured.  How can we make a difference?  Attempting to discover new possibilities for those in need, we, at Formé, are excited…


Jumpstart Your Journey to Healthy Living

We are excited to share that you can now take advantage of medical benefits available to improve your health.  Formé Medical Center has an exclusive offer which will provide you with the opportunity to receive dignified, high-quality, transparent but most importantly, affordable healthcare. With a strong foundation at our Center…

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{:en}Formé unveils a pioneering annual membership to aid the uninsured{:}{:es}Formé revela un programa pionero de membresía anual para ayuda a los desprotegidos de seguro médico.{:}

{:en} White Plains-based Formé Urgent Care has recently unveiled a pioneering annual membership to aid the uninsured. Founded in 2000 by Gina Cappelli, Formé Urgent Care has been making waves in Westchester’s medical scene for a number of years. In 2003, the company opened its very first extension clinic in Eastchester…