How ironic to know that the same day we launched our Non-Profit, of all days, was Humans Right Day! It was also the kick-off of our long awaited first meeting of our Board of Directors for Promise to Aid (PTA).

PTA is a non-profit organization that affirms that everyone has the right to receive access to affordable healthcare. The funds from Promise to Aid, will help individuals suffering from chronic conditions that are not seeking medical treatment due to financial restraints, get the medical care, medications and surgeries they need.

We would like to introduce you to our new Board of Directors:

Edina Vukic
Bruce Berg
Keith Mitchell
Carmen Rodriguez Soler
Dr. Christian Guzman
Dr. Angelo Baccellieri
Katherine Damkohler
Nathalie Gravagna
Dr. Nilay Shah
Claudia Castaneda
Rosalyn Mejia – Collado
Shyjab Villacis
Chris Cabanillas
JD Summa
Rudy Vivieni
Jeffrey Cabral
Jeff Popper
Rosario Morales
Seny Taveras

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We look forward to the impact that PTA will make in 2020!

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